• Time and tide touch line Submissions



    Thank you for considering submitting your work to Time and Tide Publishing. Please see our submission requirements outlined below. We are actively seeking talented writers, unpublished or established, who are not only eager to have their work read, but also eager to promote their work and build their community of readers.

    We are seeking well-developed romantic storylines with strong plots, explosive chemistry, unforgettable characters, and layers of delicious conflict and emotion.

    What we don’t want:
    Since we base our sensual and erotic romances on storylines, we are not looking for straight-out porn ( i.e., no ‘Dear Penthouse’ letters, other taboo subjects or illegal acts.) We reserve the right to refuse submissions based on other subjects we deem inappropriate.

    *Time and Tide’s Touch line is for erotic romances. For all other genre romances, please submit through the standard guidelines.

    Touch Line Heat Levels

    Time and Tide Books publishes all genres in the following heat levels:

    Touch of Amber:
    Like the warm glow of a candle, Amber romances are sweet erotic romances with a slow burn.
    Developed emotional connection, longer sensual tension evolving into a committed relationship between Hero/heroine.
    Descriptive sex
    Monogamous relationships
    Happily Ever After

    Touch of Red:
    Like the burst of the sun, Red romances will increase the heat with extra sensual tension and frequent sexual encounters.
    Faster paced sexual tension and quick heat evolving into a committed relationship between Hero/heroine.
    A touch of casual BDSM, Fetish and Kink
    Descriptive and explicit sex
    Monogamous relationships
    Happily Ever After

    Touch of Blue:

    There’s nothing more intense than the touch from the hottest part of a fire, Blue romances will burn straight through your soul.
    Fast paced, intense heat and frequent sexual interaction between Hero/heroine
    Lifestyle BDSM/Fetish/Kink
    Descriptive and explicit sex
    Multiple partners or Monogamous relationships
    Happily Ever After or Happy For Now

    To submit a manuscript for consideration:
    We are currently accepting stories with a word count between 15,000 and 120,000 words. For print eligibility, minimum 45,000 words.

    • PASTE- A short one-page query letter in the body of an email. Include your genre, title, word count, a short blurb, and some information about you and any pertinent writing credentials. Please include your contact information and your social web links if you have them.

    • PASTE- The first five (5) double-spaced pages

    Send your email to touch(at)timeandtidepublishing(dot) com. DO NOT attach any files at this time.

    If we request your manuscript, please following the format below:

    • Word doc or RTF files only

    • 12 pt Times New Roman font

    • Double-spaced

    • .5″ indents

    Please allow up to eight weeks for a response to queries and requests.